Grass Roots.

A film about a group of loud mouthed rugby critics who discover that if you open your mouth and express yourself then you had better be ready to back yourself up.


A late night radio DJ is job that is strangely both connected to the whole world and at the same time very isolated. Sometimes being in a world of our own creating is the only way to survive. Talkback is a screenplay in development, planned to be a low-budget feature film.


A tale of two ancient barbarian empires fighting a war so old that no one can remember why they fight at all. There is no animosity, no conflict of ideals, no reason - there is just the war. But the world is bigger than any of them know, and the world beyond their world beyond their wildest dreams. Scout is a story spanning 5 films. This is a project that NITRO has been developing over some time, and is something we aspire to produce in time.