Helping new and ambitious film makers succeed 

is why we got into doing this

Our Story

About 5 years ago when shooting my first films I quickly met with a very common problem that many film makers have.
When you have a set budget you have to compromise. If you want that light, then you can't have that lens. 
It's a common frustration and impacts the quality of your project.
We decided to put together a kit of gear that we can bring to your set for a fixed price and remove that need to compromise.
It's more important to us that filmmakers have to tools and the film is the best it can be - that works for everyone
So when you choose us, we bring all the gear we can fit in, and 2 people who know how to get the best out of it.

The Kit

We bring a wide range of camera, grip and lighting gear built around the BlackMagic 4k Cine camera.

The kit is designed to support low to mid budget filmmakers, being portable and practical, but never compromising on quality for your film.

  • BlackMagic 4k Cinema Camera with full Tilta rig
  • A range of Sony DSLRs, RX100s, GoPros, Osmos gimbals etc
  • A Range of fast Samyang Prime lenses
  • Various Sigma, Tamron, and Canon Zoom lenses
  • A number of vintage lenses 
  • 900 and 600 LED panels
  • LED fresnel
  • 2kw CF Nanguang Sun400 heads 
  • A range of stands, Autopoles, modifiers, reflectors
  • e-image tripod and head
  • Mid-weight ride-on dolly and track
  • 2m Jib
  • 14 food crane 
  • Ronin MX Gimbal
  • Phantom 4 Pro Drone
Monitoring and Wrangling
  • Blackmagic production monitors
  • Data ingest and backup for keeping data secure and providing daileys